11 December, 2008

Bad Business VS Good Business

Business's performance could be a bad business or a good business. Its based on our deed. The important point of our deed is our ambition because can decide how many times it useful for human kind and all of environment. Although, we should put money as our purpose aside.

Don't worry and confuse. Money is not always make and drive into a happiness because it based on our heart. Our heart can happy bright just with make every human kind's future are bright. Try it and have a good business, later on, says goodbye to bad business.

09 December, 2008

Made a Business

When a job not come yet, why don't try to get a business? To acquire a money usually mustn't from a company. It can be anywhere like from a business. The important thing is don't get retire from any practise. More practise even drop down always until you strongest enough. Have a good business.